Hi,  My name is Rich and I've been in the billiard business for over 45 years dealing with the Pool Table Enthusiast from every age group.

There is a "funny story" I would like to share about assembling my first pool table:

My former partner who owned a bike shop back in 1965 and who's cousin worked for a large pool table manufacturer, called us one day and asked us if we had the capability to assemble pool tables. My partner and I being the jack of all trades that we thought we were at the time, said "How hard could it be"? Well we accepted our first pool table assembly not knowing exactly what was required to complete this job successfully. Needless to say, after eight hours of scanning through the directions and many cuts and bruises, we left for the day, having to return the next day for another  five hours to finally finish the job.  The customer assumed all pool tables took thirteen hours to assemble and thanked us for doing a great job. Today, with over 45 years of experience this job takes a mere 2 hours or less. The moral of this story is, experience is required when taking on a job of this magnitude. And bring a level!!!!!!

Today, with this website, Action Billiards Service sells and assembles hundreds of pool tables a year. Including relocating, recovering, refinishing, in the tri-state area and sales of accessories such as cues, balls, racks, darts, casino equipment, lamps ,card tables, ping pong, air hockey, foosball, and let's not forget rentals. The best part of it is you can purchase all of this and more from this web site just click back to our homepage and decide where you want to go.

We want to be your experience, come to Action Billiards Service for all your pool table needs.


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